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(Chronicles of Astoria #2)

Theory, a warrior of the Astorian Guard stationed in Rhettick, harbors a dream to escape the prying eyes of a society that wouldn't understand his true nature. As a Carrier, Theory faces the ordeal of a heat every moon, a dangerous anomaly that must be concealed at all costs, lest it paint a target on his back. Theory's life takes an unexpected turn when he's offered a mission that could secure his future: deliver a crucial package to the Elven Embassy. The promise of enough coin to fulfill his dream is tantalizing, but there's a catch: his partner is Veniro, the one Shifter Theory loathes with every fiber of his being. Why? He’s cold, aloof, and worst of all…a Breeder. As Theory and Niro delve deeper into their task, they uncover truths that suggest their mission might be a facade for something much larger and more sinister than they had anticipated. The Black Curse weaves a tale of forbidden romance between two natural-born enemies, thrust together in a dance of destiny and danger. As they navigate a path riddled with deceit, hidden agendas, and an attraction that defies their nature, Theory and Niro must confront not only the enemies that lurk in the shadows but also the verities within their own hearts. In a world where being different is a perilous affair, their forbidden bond might be the key to unraveling the mysteries of their mission and the only chance to prevent the looming catastrophe that threatens to engulf Astoria. Or it just might bring them to the feet of the mad High King: Killian Innis. This book contains high heat (in some cases, quite literally). It is intended for mature audiences.


HEAT (# 1)

Meet Kain and Bran, the world's happiest couple...until the restraints come out. Is love really the cure? Or will it be their downfall? In Tae (Vinny) and Ronnie court with danger when a stranger comes to town, shaking up their carefully laid foundations. Will their relationship survive the quake, or will the secrets lying in bed get in the way? A heat gone wrong. Will Liam and Rizzo get their fairytale ending or will their unfortunate circumstances make them victims of a cruel fate? Kit wasn't like other Omegas and society never let him forget it. On the run from a past that won't quit, can Kit overcome his insecurities and find his happily ever after with Daniel or will the taint of the Red Heat drive them both to the edge? Welcome to Alfay University, the world's most successful matchmaking service. Are Otto and Benni ready to take their relationship to the next level or will the fear of losing their friendship keep them from trusting the love algorithm?



He had nothing. Within this labyrinth of identity, a forgotten past awaits—his memories gone, his identity a hazy enigma, and his mind becomes a battleground between the echoes of the past and the allure of the future. Against his will, he finds himself entangled in a whirlwind of supernatural change. Beau, the name bestowed upon him by the enigmatic Mother of all Vampires, finds himself under the tutelage of Sterling, his dangerous yet captivating mentor. However, their burgeoning love story unfolds against a backdrop of mounting tensions. In the shadows, a sinister force seeks to ignite a war between humans and vampires, and Beau holds the key to saving them all. Will Beau succumb to the siren call of his vampire nature and forsake his past, or will he unearth the forgotten truths that lie in the recesses of his shattered memory? While the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance, he must confront his own identity and make a choice that will forever alter the course of his life. As the boundaries between human and supernatural crumble, a riveting journey unfolds, where the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love become the catalysts for an extraordinary battle. The time has come for Beau to embrace his destiny and embark on a perilous quest to save his newfound world. Enter Vampire Society. Where they take your will along with your blood. This book contains dark themes and high heat. It is intended for mature audiences.



Walking into college his first year, Gabriel Finch was unapologetic of his identity. Hardened from losing his mother at an early age and jumping from foster home to foster home, he grew to know exactly what he wanted in life. At the same time, Gabriel knew his limits and knew which boundaries he was and was not willing to cross. That is, until he met Harley Neilson. After having Harley as his model in drawing class, Gabriel was no longer certain of himself. Harley, he realized, was everything he wanted and everything he wanted to be. Unable to separate man from model, Gabriel’s initial fascination nurtured a deep dark obsession, every day consumed by thoughts and images of Harley. It was never a simple crush, and when the line between fantasy and reality blur, Gabriel must decide how far he is willing to go for the object of his desire, because in the end he might just lose everything. This book contains dark themes, triggering content. It is intended for mature audiences.



(Chronicles of Astoria #1)

Innocent and naive Killian Innis has spent his entire life in isolation. Allowed only the company of a few loyal servants, the crown prince eagerly awaited his Consort Ceremony. Twenty-five Incubi handpicked by the King will serve as his Potentials. Killian must choose five to be his lovers, his protectors, and his advisors. But within the palace lurks a demon, hidden behind suggestive smiles and compelling whispers, waiting to set Astoria aflame. Killian must navigate through brutality, politics, family feuds, and broken hearts to thwart apocalyptic destruction...all while learning what it truly means to be King. This book contains dark themes, triggering content, and high heat. It is intended for mature audiences.

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